One of the first things I look forward to upon waking up is breakfast.  If you freeze coffee, it becomes a solid, and can therefore be breakfast if you eat it in the morning.  Or just drink it as Pre-Frozen Coffee and save a step.  Adjust seasonally, maybe. 

Coffee: so many safe* options!





*Coffee not responsible for caffeine overdoses in almost all clinical studies.    

Dress So Red


I posted this on my main page a couple of weeks ago and now it’s being relegated to the annals of wombatdotcombat history to be replaced with newer, hipper happenings.

woman on a road in a dress so red
she didn’t seem alive but she didn’t look dead
the wind was whispering her song
stuck in my ear even though it’s so long
she reached out as she sang about
how warm and comfortable i’d be
that notion seemed so sweet to me
my eyelids fell, so strong her spell, my heartbeat slowed

swirling amber cooled by a cube so clear
the glass began to tilt as my lips drew near
that burn it soothes those aches so deep
top waters calm, raging storm underneath
a second drink, it beckoned me
to sit and sip and draw the fleece
impersonation made of peace
that womb-like spell by morning fell, thoughts run away

to stop is to be halted, burning until spent
the only dollar i’ve got left is the one i was just lent
wildly circle ‘round that flame, another moth to lose the game
forever chasing after something else because i can’t control myself

all in, spare not one dime
the wager’s in my favor every single time
there’s not a game that i won’t play
every friend is an end, every night is a day
the thrill of the deal, the spin of the wheel
i’m floating ’til my next big break
how long until those chances take
the dice then fell, disaster spelled, creditors grim

it’s a poison that you choose
when you find your way to lose
four back at you one points at everything else
the machine you fight’s your mind
the man you fight’s the human kind
all that’s left, an opponent truly yourself



Last night, I performed at the Goodfoot in Portland.

The people were very nice and some of them even listened!   Casey and Bryan made it all happen.  Special thanks to all my employees for coming to receive overtime pay for their attendance and support.

Please log this in your performance journals and write a two-paragraph reflection, due in cursive at the beginning of class on Tuesday, December 5th.  An example:

“When the mysts of wonder subsided from the sacred jowels of the singer’s aura, a presence of both curiosity and jasper eminated as a crown upon the brow of a magical cat…” and so on.